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Thousands of satisfied customers since 1975. Paths & driveways, walls or gardens. Our team is knowledgeable of past & present trends in materials and design. ​
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Certified Plant Material from Our Suppliers

We require high quality materials from our suppliers. We want your landscape to be beautiful and to enhance the value of your home while making an outdoor living area for you and your family to enjoy.

Your Input Is Valuable

We at Landsite Development, Inc. need to have your input on the trees and shrubs for your landscape. Remember, it's your home, not ours! We know you have favorite colors and special plants you would like to have incorporated into your design. Have you seen trees and shrubs at another location you think would fit well in your new landscape? Take a cutting (with permission, of course), take a picture or give us the location. We'll identify the plant and find the perfect place for planting in your design.

Personal Tree and Shrub Selection by Our Professionals

After your landscape plan is developed and approved by you, we personally visit the nursery to select the best looking plants of the species. We also invite you to meet us at the nursery to choose the plant types both you and Landsite Development, Inc. have selected rather than relying on catalog photos or our verbal descriptions.

The Right Plant for the Right Place

We want your trees and shrubs to grow to their full potential without overcrowding. Your entries and walkways should be clear and your windows should allow an unobscured view to your outside areas. When we speak of low maintenance we refer to you and your family spending quality time together, rather than time maintaining your landscape. After a few years a poorly planned landscape layout with too many plants can require extensive pruning and removal to promote proper plant health.


Our state of the art equipment is just one reason to chose us for your hydroseed project. Fast, cost effective, and outstanding lawns are a few more.

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We offer a variety of installation services and products. Everything a Spokane area landscape could need or homeowner may want.

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Your home is an investment. We understand this. All of our projects have clear contracts, are  protected by our license and bond and our personal guarantee.

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