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Landscape Grading

Grading is usually the first item to address on a project. This is the time to evaluate drainage, soil conditions, and elevations for walls or steps. Our philosophy is like that of a painter starting with a clean canvas. The site needs to be clear of weeds, rock, and debris.

After over 40 years in the business our experience in site preparation has contributed to our success. We have taken advantage of the latest developments in technology and made capital investments in state-of-the-art equipment.

Landsite Development now attacks each project with high-tech low impact track loaders. Our assortment of equipment and attachments allow us to perform services for our clients more efficiently, saving us time and clients money

Soil Conditioning

The soil conditioner has revolutionized the way we clear and grade a site. The soil conditioner has a reel of rotating carbide teeth. This action removes weeds and rocks while leveling the surface. The end result is a clean, graded canvas.

The results depend on existing soil conditions, but in most situations the soil conditioner minimizes the amount of imported topsoil needed for a project. This results in overall savings for clients.

The soil conditioner is often used to bring new life to existing gravel driveways. Once again, clients save money because less new gravel is introduced.

Rocks and Hard Places

Does your property have limited access for equipment? No problem! We have invested in small but mighty equipment. Our limited access equipment allows us to be efficient, saving both time and labor costs

Our state of the art equipment is just one reason to chose us for your hydroseed project. Fast, cost effective, and outstanding lawns are a few more.

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Your home is an investment. We understand this. All of our projects have clear contracts, are  protected by our license and bond and our personal guarantee.

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Site Preparation and Grading



Getting the proper grade for your landscape project is crucial. It is your foundation for years to follow.


Thousands of satisfied customers since 1975. Paths & driveways, walls or gardens. Our team is knowledgeable of past & present trends in materials and design. ​
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We offer a variety of installation services and products. Everything a Spokane area landscape could need or homeowner may want.

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