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Our state of the art equipment is just one reason to chose us for your hydroseed project. Fast, cost effective, and outstanding lawns are a few more.

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We offer a variety of installation services and products. Everything a Spokane area landscape could need or homeowner may want.

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Your home is an investment. We understand this. All of our projects have clear contracts, are  protected by our license and bond and our personal guarantee.

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Lawn Seeding

We use a mix of 70% bluegrasses and 30% ryegrass to establish your lawn area after we have prepared your site. Our mix consists of four different bluegrasses and two types of fine textured ryegrasses. The rye grass will germinate first after 5 to 7 days and begin to stabilize the soil.

The ryes are fine textured grasses which are very manageable and even more attractive than the bluegrass. They add permanence and strength to your lawn. The bluegrasses will germinate after 21 to 28 days, depending on the heat factor. We use the different bluegrasses to establish color and pattern to your lawn. Should you develop a problem with one type of bluegrass in your lawn (fungus, disease, etc.) the remaining strains will fill in to ensure your lawn continues to look its best.

Hydroseeding can be less than 15% the cost of installed sod. This allows the client to pocket the savings or invest more into other aspects of the landscape project.