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We offer a variety of installation services and products. Everything a Spokane area landscape could need or homeowner may want.

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Your home is an investment. We understand this. All of our projects have clear contracts, are  protected by our license and bond and our personal guarantee.

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Our state of the art equipment is just one reason to chose us for your hydroseed project. Fast, cost effective, and outstanding lawns are a few more.

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Thousands of satisfied customers since 1975. Paths & driveways, walls or gardens. Our team is knowledgeable of past & present trends in materials and design. ​
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Each lawn is unique and actual times and results may vary.  Keeping people and animals off your lawn for the first six weeks will improve outcomes. Investing in a moisture meter is recommended as it can protect from over or under watering. Over watering can be just as damaging as under watering your new lawn.




Lawn Fertilization

You can not expect your newly established lawn to look beautiful if you stress it with improper maintenance. We recommend the use of a professional Lawn Care company for the care and fertilizing of your new lawn.

Lawn Mowing

Mow your new lawn when any grasses reach approximately 3". Keep your lawn height to about 1-1/2" in spring and fall and approximately 2-1/2" during the hot weather. Raising mower heights during hot weather will preserve moisture and cause less visual mowing damage. Keep your blade sharp to minimize leaf stress. Catch your clippings to prevent thatch buildup and weed seed growth from existing weeds.

Weed Control

Since weed seeds are found in all imported topsoil and in your existing soil, we are not responsible for any weed growth which may appear in your new lawn. Our seed is tested and certified weed free by our supplier using State of Washington standards. Most weeds will soon disappear with proper maintenance.

Hydroseed Warranty

Landsite Development will warranty the lawn areas to germinate and become established if the following conditions are met.

Compliance with these watering instructions
Following the fertilizing schedules and applications as suggested by your Lawn Care Professional
No human or animal traffic is allowed on the newly hydroseeded area

The automatic sprinkler system must provide the following.

100% head to head coverage of all lawn areas
Each zone must have heads of equal precipitation rates
Timer must allow a minimum of four waterings per day
The sprinkler timer is not to be arbitrarily adjusted by the client without consulting Landsite Development, Inc.

This warranty does not include damage to the lawn area from storms, insects, disease, fungus (snow mold, etc.) or infestation from native grasses. Call your Lawn Care Professional for analysis and advice.