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Rocks and boulders are not always a problem in landscaping. They can be used in many different ways throughout a landscape project. Rocks may be placed in strategic areas to mimic nature.



Inexperienced rock placement can often result in a disjointed and cluttered appearance. Experienced rock placement aesthetically incorporates the rocks and boulders into the project.

Natural Appearance
To achieve a natural appearance, about two thirds of the rock or boulder should be exposed above ground.

Rocks and Boulders
Rocks and boulders are often used as alternatives or mixed in with block retaining walls. Rock walls need proper installation to include fabric, gravel, and drainage in order to achieve and maintain stability. Rocks and boulders can also be used in the creation of water features and dry streams.

Rock Steps Spokane
A rock stairway system is another popular use of rocks. Stair systems can incorporate other hardscape applications such as pavers and flagstone. Proper engineering is essential in planning stair systems. The professionals at Landsite Development are experienced and eager to provide you expert advice.



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Landscape Rock and Boulder Placement

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Rock Wall and Steps Spokane


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