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Hydroseeding is a process using a specialized machine to apply a mixture (slurry) of water, hydroseed, lawn fertilizer, mulch, and powdered glue (tackifier). We have a Finn Hydroseeder mounted on a 3-ton flatbed truck. The hydroseeding machine has an independent engine, paddles to mix the slurry, and a valve system to shoot the hydroseed through a fire hose out onto the proposed grass lawn or erosion area.

Why Hydroseed Works So Well

Soil Conditioner Finn Hydroseeder Landscape Service Hydroseeding Lawn Seed

The Hydroseed application provides a microenvironment for the best possible germination of the lawn seed for your yard. The fertilizer is the food and the mulch is the blanket that protects the lawn seeds during the germination process. The tackifier helps to keep the lawn seed and mulch in place as the lawn seed germinates. The mulch will add organic material to the soil upon decomposition.

Hydroseeded Lawn Versus Sodded Lawn

The cost of professionally hydroseeded lawn is approximately 85% less than the price of a professionally installed sodded lawn. A hydroseeded lawn is less supsceptible to disease than a sodded lawn. Larger lawn areas is where the relatively low cost of hydroseeding becomes extremely practical compared to sod. Whether you decide to go with sod or hydroseed Landsite Development recomends our professional site and soil preparation.


The same hydroseeder process applies to both erosion control and lawn seeding. The only difference is the slurry mix in the hydroseeder machine.

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