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Hardscape Services Spokane

Landsite Development has seen a lot of change in the hardscape industry since 1975. In the early years it was rocks, concrete, and wood. Now there are block retaining walls, stamped concrete, concrete pavers and more combined into outdoor living areas.

Landscape Pavers Spokane

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Landscape Pavers have become extremely popular. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but extremely durable.

Concrete and Brick Pavers, when properly installed, can last a lifetime with little or no maintenance.

To ensure proper landscape paver design, the client works with our hardscape design professionals and landscape suppliers local to the Spokane area. During this process color schemes are determined along with styles and patterns. This is also a good time to address surface water drainage problems that the new paver surface may create.

We use a Polymeric joint sand in our paver installations which is one of the best products on the market. The joint sand goes on dry and hardens when water is added. This product works well in Spokane because it prevents the pavers from heaving due to frost. The polymeric sand also prevents erosion,weeds, and insects from attacking the paver joints. Landsite can add polymeric sand to existing pavers as well.

Cleaning, sealing, and repairing existing concrete pavers is another hardscape service we offer. Concrete pavers that do not get sealed are subject to fading and staining. There are several cleaners on the market that can clean and recondition pavers. We recommend sealing your pavers after installation to protect them from weather and staining. We offer different sealing options a natural, semi-gloss, color boost, and a wet look. Our paver repair service evolved through our customers having pavers that failed due to improper installation by others. Contact us for a free estimate if your existing concrete pavers have settled, heaved, or cracked.

Retaining Walls Spokane

Manor StoneRetainingwallsRetaining Wall

Retaining walls are used to achieve both a desirable elevation and/or aesthetic beauty. There are many different materials and options to choose from that one is only limited by their imagination and budget. Walls can now be incorporated into a landscape enhancing its elements and flow in both look and function.

Rock and Stone Walls Spokane

Rock and stone can be extremely useful in the construction of a landscape project. Some common applications of rock used in a landscape are walls, pathways, patios, steps, planters, fireplaces and what ever else comes to one's imagination.

Rock Walls Spokane

Rock and Stone Retaining Walls are very common in Spokane, due to the abundance of natural basalt and other types of stone native to the northwest. We have been building and repairing boulder and rock retaining wall systems in Spokane since 1975. There are many different types of rock walls. A dry stack wall is constructed by stacking rocks on top of each other. Dry stacking has limited height depending on the size of the rocks chosen for the wall. Wet set walls use a mortar or some kind of bonding agent to hold the rocks in place. Veneered walls can be added to existing or newly constructed block and/or concrete walls. These walls are faced with actual rock or concrete made to look like rock. For more about Spokane boulder walls.

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