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Moisture Meters Save Water, Landscape and Dollars

Moisture Meters Save Water, Landscape, and Dollars

A moisture meter is a relatively inexpensive and underutilized tool. These simple instruments are available at most lawn and garden centers. The most common ones I see are about a foot long with a metal probe and a meter box from #1 - #10. Reading #1 indicates there is no moisture at all in the soil, and #10 is almost like underground standing water. This tool basically measures how wet or dry the ground is. It should read approx ...

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Wet Spring in Spokane Excellent Time for Hydroseeding

We had the the third wettest March on record in Spokane. This is usually a bad thing for the landscape construction industry, because it is hard to work in the wet muddy conditions. However this is a great time for erosion control and dryland hydroseeding. The rain is natures sprinkler system this allows the seeds to grow without having to water the hydroseed with a sprinkler system. This can save a lot of money for people that want dryland and erosion control hydroseeding. Dryland and erosio ...

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How to Get the Best Performance Out of Your Landscape Skid Steer in the Snow

Investing in snow plowing is difficult. The season is short, only three or four months out of the year. You will see a return on your investment, but when and how will you get it?

In Spokane the winters are unpredictable. We go from a banner season with La Nina to no snow at all with EL Nino. This winter season we wanted to invest some money, but not a lot with the economy and not knowing what the season would produce. We took an inventory on what we have already - some plow trucks, an ...

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